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Geto Boys’ Willie D Brands The Queen An ‘Old Hag’ & Expresses Joy Over Her Death



Willie D of the Geto Boys isn’t among those mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a video that surfaced online on Tuesday (September 20), the Houston rap veteran shared his unfiltered thoughts on the Queen, who passed away at age 96 earlier this month.

The Controversy rapper, who is known for his outspoken views, labeled the late monarch an “old hag” while accusing her of being “wicked,” “racist” and “murderous.”

“What’s up, family? Free game: people swear that they’re real and want honesty. They try to come off as good and decent,” he said while filming himself in his car.


“But let some wicked, old, murderous, kidnapping, colonizing, goofy hat-wearing, racist-ass hag kick the bucket, then all of a sudden they want to express condolences for the family and adulation for the deceased. I feel nothing… but joy.”


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Willie D has made no secret of his disdain for Queen Elizabeth II since her death on September 8. The day after her passing, he wrote on Facebook: “According to reports Queen Elizabeth died peacefully. Good for her.

“Before she got up out of here I wonder did she tell anyone how those 10 children died in 1964 who she, her husband and those priests went on a picnic with that were never seen again.”

He added in other posts: “All HELL To The Queen” and “The Only Queen I Respect is Queen Latifah.”

The Geto Boys member also took his tirade to his YouTube channel, Willie D Live, where he explained in more detail his dislike for the Queen and the Royal Family.


“Here’s why you will see no tears from me: Queen Elizabeth played a key role in the bloody subjugation of people around the globe … Queen Elizabeth II hated Black people,” he claimed.

“Man, I can’t mourn something like that, fam. I can’t rock with that. I gotta keep it a buck. The PR team did such a good job that the people that she oppressed are even mourning her death. Ain’t that something!”

He added: “But they get a pass because [people] get caught up in these crowns and these ornate fences and these goofy-ass costumes, especially those hats. You get caught up in the jewelry, in the cars, all of the trappings of royalty.



In another video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Willie D revealed he received a death threat for his comments about the Queen.

“I got a DM early this morning, someone threatened my life and the life of my family,” he said. “They was mad about my views on Queen Elizabeth, didn’t like what I had to say about her.

“It ain’t worth it. Y’all got me fucked up. It’s gon’ take more than a DM to get me off my square … I’m not one of these lil’ cowards running around that you can just spook with a phone call. Nah, fool. I’ma find out where yo ass and I’ma get you before you get me, sucka. I’m already on the case.”


Willie D’s scathing views aren’t shared by everyone in Hip Hop, though. Nicki Minaj and Eve were among the rap stars who paid tribute to the Queen on social media, with R&B icon Janet Jackson also mourning her death.

The Queen’s passing even inspired Kanye West to “release all grudges” and extend an olive branch to Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson and adidas General Manager Daniel Cherry, who he’s attacked on social media throughout 2022.