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GloRilla Claims Men Like Her Music Because She Raps Like Them



GloRilla has claimed that men like her music because she raps like them. When talking about her career in the music industry, the “On Wat U On” raptress discussed the reason her tracks could be enjoyed by people regardless of gender.

The 23-year-old shared her views on her own songs when she had an interview with Rolling Stone that was published on Monday, June 26. In it, she said, “I know a lot of dudes, they won’t ride around listening to no girl that sound like a girl, because they going to be like, ‘Oh, I’m being p***y.’ ”

The “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” rapper went on to explain, “But they hear me, and now [they say], ‘She slick sound like one of us.’ I say s**t that’s for females, but it’s stuff that n***as can say in reverse. I actually like going through s**t sometimes, because it makes me perfect my craft.”

GloRilla further spilled her plans for her next album. “I don’t want to be labeled as just a ratchet rapper, you know what I’m saying? I’m going for different vibes – stuff that everybody can relate to. Of course I’m going to put my ratchet, fun s**t out, because that’s what I blew up with. [But] I want to actually talk to people, let them know … I can talk some real s**t. I can go gospel. I can do a little R&B.”

About her thoughts and feelings when it came to her upcoming album, the “Tomorrow” artist candidly said, “I ain’t going to lie, I’m super nervous. I know people expect so much out of me. When they look at me, when they mention my name, they put me up there with the big dogs like [Cardi B], [Nicki Minaj], [Megan Thee Stallion]. I’m like, ‘Damn, I got to deliver like them.’ This got to be a Grammy-nominated album. And it’s going to be.”


Elsewhere in the interview, GloRilla recounted the support she received from her family in the beginning of her career. “When I first started rapping, I dont think none of them was taking me so serious. They were like, ‘OK, she’s just trying something.’ But as time went on, they was supporting me.… My little brother, he was always like, ‘Man, why you ain’t blew up yet?’ I know they believed in me for real.”