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GloRilla Claps Back At Person Who Said She’s Scared Of Oakland



GloRilla recently responded to someone who claimed she’s scared of Oakland after fans threw water on her in the city. Moreover, they were mad that Glo didn’t perform at a nightclub when allegedly agreed to do so. However, Yo Gotti and the “F.N.F.” star herself said that promoters only paid her to host. In fact, they took offense to the fact that they thought $30K was enough for a performance. Still, someone wrote on Instagram, “The Bay Dont Play. [laughing emoji] Got Her Ass Up Outta There Real Quick.. You Got TO Respect Real Pimpin When You In Oakland. Not That Phony S**t.. [laughing emoji].”

Then, GloRilla reposted that story on her Instagram page, saying she’s not scared of Oakland or anywhere else. “Ain’t nobody scared of no damn city [laughing emoji]. 1 h* played & dassit don’t feel special.” Also, she previously tweeted her responses to the promoter’s claims that she agreed to perform. “Ain’t no h* spit on s**t !!!!! Ask dat h* how ha face feel doe. No way you think I’m performing when you paid for a hosting crazy tail self.”


In addition, Yo Gotti also defended the fellow Memphis rapper. “$30K to perform,” he wrote on Instagram with a bunch of laughing emojis. “[You] must [have] booked Lil Glo, NOT Big Glo #CMG.” Overall, it seems like a tough situation to call, given promoter Con B’s receipts online. Moreover, he claimed that Glo knew very well that they agreed to a performance. For example, he posted screenshots of a contract with her team that acknowledged the performance. Also, he already teased event-goers with the show before it was time for the afterparty. “She will be performing live…” he wrote on his Instagram story. “Not hosting, not a walkthrough. She will be performing live in Oakland, CA, TONIGHT!!”


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Meanwhile, the 23-year-old still has a couple of dates left on her nationwide tour, for which this controversial afterparty happened. In addition to this new performance debacle, she handled claims of scamming from allegedly fake members of her team. While she’s caught some flack, it’s also come with insane success and she strides forward every time.