GMA's Dr. Jennifer Ashton makes bold change to appearance after hair loss struggle - see photo
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GMA’s Dr. Jennifer Ashton makes bold change to appearance after hair loss struggle – see photo




Dr. Jennifer Ashton has decided to go for the chop, revealing a fresh new cut for the winter months – and she looks fabulous!

The Good Morning America star has been suffering from hair loss for nearly two years which was triggered by Covid, and she’s been documenting her journey on social media ever since.

Now, the TV medic is in a place where her hair’s condition has gone back to how it was pre hair loss, and she’s now able to ditch the wigs she wears for work and start afresh with a new bob.

Unveiling the sleek new look on social media, Jennifer wrote: “I had an urge…. To cut! Fresh start! I will absolutely continue to protect my hair from daily styling damage at work by wearing my faux-pony & wig on Good Morning America, but in my real life, this is going to be a game-changer.

“It’s taken a year and 9 months for my hair to recover from severe damage/ breakage/ thinning but it CAN happen! I’ve used a combo of rest, supplements, prescription minoxidil, and more protein in my diet. Give it time. The life cycle of a hair follicle is slower than we’d like. Thanks to @scott.waldman1 for this great cut! #haircut #hairrecovery.”


Jennifer Ashton with longer hair prior to her hair transformation

Fans were quick to comment on Jennifer’s new look, with one writing: “Love it, I’m tempted to do the same,” while another wrote: “Tres chic!” A third added: “You look gorgeous!”

The GMA3 star first started to suffer from hair loss in April 2022, earlier this year she posted an update a year on from her battle with thinning hair. She shared footage on Instagram of herself getting ready to go on air, and told her fans the happy news that her hair had finally began to grow back, following a lot of hard work and discipline from her part.

Jennifer has been incredibly open about her hair loss struggles

So many of you have asked for a hair update and I wanted to show you… look how much hair I have! Grown back!” she said joyfully as she brushed her hair before attaching her ponytail clip-in.

“It’s taken one year, and a ton of work – like a science experiment – but it’s coming back,” she added, before concluding: “Be patient, your hair will come back. But let me tell you something; these ponytails are going to be with me forever. I love them.”

The star with her children and husband

The ABC medical correspondent also captioned the post: “Hair chronicles 1 year update: using everything to resuscitate my hair: more protein, rest, oral minoxidil, hair pieces to protect it from daily work styling damage… keepin it real/ full transparency/ the only way I know to communicate health/ wellness/nutrition info…”

Jennifer has remained incredibly open with her fans about her hair loss journey and choice to wear wigs and hairpieces on air. The ABC star experienced hair thinning and breakage after she was diagnosed with COVID-19 twice in 2022, admitting her hair was at one point in “critical condition”

Jennifer has worked hard to restore her hair

Opening up about her experience last year, Dr Jennifer took to Instagram with a heartfelt video. She shared: “As I’ve said, I’ve been resting it beyond. I have not had any professional styling for TV and I’ve been wearing my clip-in pony like it’s my best friend.”

Jennifer then added that after a trim from her stylist, who “assessed it like I would assess a patient,” they realized that her locks were finally coming back. “I have new growth; you can see the fuzz. It’s healthier,” she added. “I plan to stay the course.”

source: hellomagazine .com