Paper Route Empire representative, comedian Grove Hero, went off on rapper Blac Youngsta this week, driving through Youngsta’s old neighborhood where his grandmother allegedly lives and showing how broken-down it looks. Grove Hero shared the videos on Instagram and taunted Youngsta, telling him to stop dissing people and return to his old ‘hood to help his community.”I’m riding through this muhf*cka so they could see this muhf*cka hood. Man, you doin’ all this f*ckin’ talkin’, man, look at this shit, man,” said Grove Hero, showing a stretch of decrepit, vacant homes on the street. “Look at your muhf*ckin’ hood! You ain’t came back? Look at this sh*t! You ain’t came back to this muhf*cka and did no helping, man. But you wanna talk all that ‘Shake Sum’ sh*t, look at all this sh*t in your muhf*ckin’ hood.”

This comes after Blac Youngsta recently performed his diss track against Young Dolph during a performance, which many felt was an intensely disrespectful move considering Dolph just passed away a few weeks ago.

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Grove Hero also sent a message to Yo Gotti recently, telling the Memphis rapper that he doesn’t think he should have made a post after Dolph’s death but he believes that he should send a message out to the youth of the city, telling them to put their guns down and stop the violence.

Check out Grove Hero’s videos for Blac Youngsta and Yo Gotti below.