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Harry Styles quashes Jay-Z’s expectations for Beyonce’s ‘Album of the Year’ Grammy win



Harry Styles’ Harry’s House won Album of the Year at the 65th Grammy Awards held on Sunday, February 5th, 2023, in Los Angeles, which Jay-Z had eyed for Beyoncé’s album Renaissance.

In an interview with Tidal conducted before the ceremony, the 53-year-old rap legend spoke about his 41-year-old wife’s previous album of the year losses for 2013’s Beyoncé and 2016’s Lemonade.

“The truth is, we grew up wanting to be on the Grammys, and it was our goal,” he said. “We just want them to get it right. That’s what we want… Obviously, it’s music and it’s all subjective, but you got to be in the ballpark.”

“Even with Bey, I felt like they missed the moment,” the rapper said, referencing the previous Grammy losses in 2017 and 2015. “Not just Lemonade; [also] when Beck won over her [for album of the year at the 2015 show]. I was like, ‘Oh, y’all missed it.’”


He further explained why he thought Renaissance deserved to win album of the year.

“Look what it’s done to the culture. Look how the energy of the world moved,” he said. “They play her whole album in the club. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that. The whole entire joint – like, everything. Every remix is amazing. Everyone’s inspired. It has inspired the world.”

While Bey may not have won Album of the Year, she did make history when she received the gold for Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best Dance/Electronic Recording, Best Song Written for Visual Media, Best R&B Song and Best Dance/Electric Record.

The wins made a total of 32 Grammys by the Formation singer, the most earned by any artist.