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Iggy Azalea Admits That She Hates Some Of Her Own Songs

Iggy Azalea Admits That She Hates Some Of Her Own Songs 1

It appears as though Iggy Azalea recently had a moment of self-realization.

Iggy Azalea’s thrown the race card and the gender card as a way to explain why hip-hop doesn’t accept her. While she thinks being a white woman in hip-hop is difficult, she fails to acknowledge that it’s even more difficult being a Woman Of Color anywhere else. However, that’s not the point that’s supposed to be made in this article. This article is meant to highlight the growth and self-realization of Iggy Azalea. Although she continues to make music that no one listens to, she may have realized why no one’s actually tuning in.


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In a recent interview with Delish, Iggy Azalea was asked whether she has ever gotten sick of her own song. Not only did she admit that there are several cuts in her catalog that she finds regrettable (although she didn’t reveal if her “Look Out For Detox” freestyle falls under that category), she revealed that some of them didn’t age as well as she thought.

“Of course I get sick of my own songs. In fact, some of them I hate. Some songs I make and then they don’t age well, and like a year or two later I’m like, ugh, what was I thinking?! But people still like them! So some of the songs I decide I hate, I still have to perform because the fans want to hear them. So, yes, I have gotten sick of a song. A lot of songs.”

Just a suggestion but maybe she might find better luck if she gets her boyfriend to ghostwrite her songs for her.

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