India Royale Denies Lil Durk Had A Child Outside Of Their Relationship
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India Royale Denies Lil Durk Had A Child Outside Of Their Relationship



India Royale and Lil Durk might not get back together but she’s clearly not allowing any misinformation surrounding his name to circulate. The couple formally split in 2022 and share a child together. However, fans theorized the reason for their split since it looked like their relationship was rock solid from the outside. For the most part, it’s been allegations that Lil Durk cheated on her, though neither have necessarily publicized why they parted ways in the first place.

Durk made it clear that he feels as though the two can work it out at some point in the future. He attempted to pay tribute to their relationship on Instagram, thanking her for making him a “man.” Unfortunately, his efforts missed the mark and she quickly told him to “let it go.” “People really do not respect boundaries at all. I try my best to be respectful and not put on a show but people don’t respect my choices,” she wrote on Twitter. Shortly after, Lil Durk clapped back, stating that he doesn’t do things for the Internet.

India Royale Denies Lil Durk Stepped Out During Relationship


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There are still some that wonder why Durk and India Royale didn’t work out. One fan, in particular, seemed to suggest that Durk had a child outside of their relationship. Though there’s no actual evidence suggesting that this might be true, India finally addressed the allegations head-on. “He did not have a baby on me,” she wrote, expressing her frustrations with the rumor. “I wish y’all stop saying that,” she added. Clearly, the notion that he would abandon the foundation of their family got under her skin. Besides that, it seems as if she isn’t considering taking him back.

Royale made it clear that she and Durk were done after she tweeted that she was “a free agent.” From there, she unfollowed Durk. However, the rapper seemingly had trouble letting her go. Shortly after they split, Durk shared a message on social media. “That [cat emoji] ,mines 4ever welcome to death row [expletive],” he wrote. India didn’t necessarily address it directly but she posted a “cap” emoji on her story in response.