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Jake Paul Confronted By Floyd Mayweather In Miami: Watch



Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather do not like each other very much. Overall, there is some bad blood there, and it mostly stems from the fact that Jake stole Mayweather’s hat. Of course, this took place a few years ago when Floyd and Logan Paul were promoting their exhibition match. Subsequently, there was a huge melee at the Hard Rock Stadium. However, it never really progressed past that point.

On Wednesday night, things escalated between the two. Jake and Floyd were both in Miami for the match between the Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Following the match, Floyd’s people approached Jake, who was with just one bodyguard. Overall, it did not go well for Jake, who ended up running off, according to TMZ footage. After the altercation, Paul took to Instagram and explained what happened. “So I’m leaving the Miami Heat game and Floyd Mayweather and 50 dudes pull up out of nowhere, out of like some side alley, waiting for me outside the stadium, and they’re like, ‘So what’s up? what’s all that talk now?’” Paul said. “I’m like first of all, what did I say to you Floyd? I just took your hat and you’re still mad about it? Come on, bro. And then 50 dudes literally start surrounding me to jump me, and I’m out that bitch, ok?”

Jake Paul Vs. Floyd

According to TMZ, however, Floyd’s people believe it goes way deeper than that. One source even said “Jake crossed the line. This wasn’t about grabbing a hat. This was about Jake’s comments to Floyd about Floyd’s deceased family member and other below-the-belt inappropriate behavior.” No matter what, this is a pretty bad look for Jake Paul. Although, he is definitely in promotion mode as he is calling out Floyd, demanding a boxing match. “Floyd will not see me 1 on 1 in a real fight. That’s a fact. His team has hit my team numerous times to do one of his ‘exhibitions,’” Paul wrote. “Now he ambushes me. Come see me in the ring, real fight, no exhibition robbing fans bullshit.”

At this point, it is going to take a very long time for these men to resolve their issues. Not to mention, a fight between the two is very unlikely. After all, Paul needs to avenge himself against Tommy Fury. Moreover, Floyd has other names to check off of his list first. Let us know what you think of the altercation and the ensuing reactions, below.


Jake’s Response