Jalen Ramsey Calls Out LeBron James For His Lies
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Jalen Ramsey Calls Out LeBron James For His Lies

Jalen Ramsey Calls Out LeBron James For His Lies 1

LeBron James’ lies have become the latest internet meme.

Jalen Ramsey recently won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams. His stature as not just a football player but as a celebrity has risen, and recently, he was on the cover of Haute Living. As someone who plays in Los Angeles, Ramsey fraternizes with some huge stars, including the likes of LeBron James.

In fact, Ramsey was recently a guest on a new live version of The Shop. LeBron’s infamous HBO show got to do a special live viewing of last night’s Thursday Night Football Game. As many already know, this game saw the Packers lose to the Tennessee Titans, bringing them to a record of 4-7 on the season.

Throughout the broadcast, Ramsey and LeBron had a ton of fun. At one point, however, Ramsey had to call out LeBron for his supposed lies. In the clip below, LeBron was trying to make it seem as if he destroyed Ramsey while playing Madden. That’s when the Rams defender noted that all of Twitter thinks LeBron is a liar.

Jalen Ramsey certainly isn’t wrong. If you’ve been on Twitter over the last week, you know that LeBron has been called out for always lying, for no reason. Of course, LeBron’s statements are impossible to fact-check. However, it’s funnier to assume that he’s actually just always lying.

LeBron couldn’t help but laugh at Ramsey as he acknowledged the meme. James did defend himself, however, claiming that he always speaks the truth, no matter what. Clearly, the jokes were bugging him a little, and he needed to clear the air.

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LeBron’s Lies

In the Twitter thread down below, you can see some of the times in which fans believe LeBron lied. Perhaps the most egregious one here is when he said “that’s my favorite saying.” It was a hilarious moment, that fans will meme for years to come.

Let us know what you think of the LeBron lying meme, in the comments down below.


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