, known in many circles as “The Snowman,” is back to motivate some thugs. With his upcoming TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman project arriving on August 23rd, Jeezy took a moment to slide through The Breakfast Club. It’s evident that the Atlanta legend is in a phenomenal headspace – no surprise given everything he has accomplished in the various facets of his career. “I talk to Tip about it all the time,” reflects Jeezy. “We accumulate so much and we so successful in so many different ways, we don’t take the time to look at the last accomplishment we did.”He also takes a moment to reflect on his mother, who is currently battling an illness. He reveals that he penned a homage to her, one that remains too difficult for him to listen to. “My mother got a situation, she’s not healthy right now,” he explains. “That record basically describes she’s the real MVP. When I jumped off the porch I took a lot of my time trying to come up, trying to take care of everybody. I didn’t really take the time to be a son. Now, she’s not well, so when I see people moving around taking their mothers on tour or on vacation, doing things, it’s like damn, I gotta go see my mother in this place. It hurt, because I missed all that time. I can’t get none of it back. I didn’t get nothing but some money, so I didn’t really gain much. I lost my mom, but I thank her every day for giving me morals.”

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He also cites Magic Johnson as his main inspirations. “That’s my mentor,” he says. “I love the fact that he’s solid, he lives his life. He’s got balance around him. He takes care of his friends, he’s giving them experiences. He’s traveling and seeing the world. But if you look at other athletes that came up with him, they not set up like that. That tells me I gotta move that way if that’s how I want to be in 10, 15, 20 years…He was a great basketball player, now he’s a great husband, a great father, a great mentor, a great businessman. I watch his moves.” When Charlamagne attempts to slide HIV into the conversation, Jeezy wastes little time in shutting it down – “we don’t do that.”

For more wisdom from the Snowman, be sure to check out the interview in full below. Are you excited for another dose of Thug Motivation?