Verzuz battles have become more than just a quarantine fling. The televised special has showcased battles from The LOX to the Isley Brothers with fans conceptualizing the perfect battles in their free time. A few weeks back JAY-Z made headlines after stating that there is no one out there that could see him in a Verzuz, which is why he hasn’t participated. Well, Jim Jones took some time to think about the perfect competitor and came up with Drake.

During a conversation with reporter and sports analyst Brandon “B Scoop” Robinson, Jim Jones spoke about the Verzuz and named Drake as the only contender that can hold his own against the legend.

“He’s one of the illest people I’ve seen get on stage when it comes to performances, from the days of his Summer Jams spats when he used to put people on the Summer Jam screen and embarrass them… So, I don’t know if people are ready for that type of warfare. I don’t think they’re ready for how he’s going to come; they’re worried about the hits he has and I know he’s going to come with the wittiness and his creativity is way way iller than the hits he has. So, I would leave that alone if I was most of them,” he told Robinson. He continued, “the person I would say that would put up the best fight, it would be Drake hands down.”

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Drake hasn’t been in the game as long as Hov, but his discography speaks for itself. The Canadian rapper has the highest-certified digital singles ever in the United States and a handful of platinum singles. His lyrical agility and wittiness have continued to make him one of the greatest rappers of his generation.

While there doesn’t seem to be any plans of making this Verzuz happen, one can dream.