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Joe Budden Becomes Instant Meme With Shirtless Dungaree Spin Move



Joe Budden has become a viral meme on social media with a hilarious clip taken from a skit showing fans a “behind-the-scenes” look at The Joe Budden Podcast.

Budden turned the podcast into a version of a reality series while playing off the insecurities and narcissistic stereotypes the public has thrown at him his entire career.

The “Pump It Up” rapper has been known for his wild fashion choices to the point there’s an Instagram with over 67,000 followers dedicated to recapping some of Budden’s craziest wardrobe selections over the years.

At one point, JB shows off his new “drip” featuring him shirtless with just denim overalls and a bucket hat as he hits a few spin moves coming out of the dressing room looking for the rest of the cast’s approval.


“What do you guys think?” he asks while everyone else’s jaws are nearly on the ground in shock. “I said what do you guys think?”


“That’s that drip,” Ice responds to break the silence while manager Ian Schwartzman compliments Budden. “See, everyone loves it, buddy!”

Of course, social media had a field day with the clip of Joe hitting a spin move in denim overalls, which quickly flooded Twitter timelines.

“@JoeBudden @JoeBuddenPod You do realize this is OFFICIALLY a MEME NOW?! @gifpyy@TwitterCreators do your thing and make it happen,” one fan wrote while another added: “@JoeBudden doing this was not on my 2023 bingo card but it’s for sure how I’m entering every room now.”

There were plenty of other funny scenes as well, with Joe pitting Ice, Parks and Ish against each other, or how he needs to be talking 85 percent of the time when recording. Joe even told newcomer Queenzflip that he needed to be the funniest on the show so to chill with the jokes.

Check out some more reactions to Budden’s priceless fit below.