John Cena Steps Out In A School Girl Skirt & High Heels, Social Media Reacts
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John Cena Steps Out In A School Girl Skirt & High Heels, Social Media Reacts



John Cena is best known for the countless years he spent tearing up the WWE ring. He chiefly took on iconic opponents such as Batista, The Rock, and Rob Van Dam. Of course, the 45-year-old has taken a break from the sport more recently. Instead, he’s turning his energy toward his acting career. The athlete landed his first big non-WWE credit in 2006 playing John Triton in The Marine.

Since then, he’s gone on to appear in Parks and Recreation, Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home, and its 2017 sequel. Additionally, the Massachusetts-born entertainer has credits for his work in F9: The Fast Saga, and as the DC Comics universe character Peacemaker in both The Suicide Squad film and his own TV show. Needless to say, he’s proven that his acting chops are just as impressive as his wrestling skills.

For his latest movie, Cena has been hanging out in Melbourne, Australia with costars like Zac Efron and William H. Macy. The trio all appear in Ricky Stanicky, a Peter Farrelly-directed comedy that’s sure to keep audiences laughing. It follows three friends who wind up burning down a house while playing a prank. Afterward, they create a fake character to blame their risky actions on.


As the New York Post reports, the troublesome teens continue to use the fictional character as an excuse for several decades. However, when they portray an actor to bring Stanicky to life, things become complicated. Many details about the upcoming project are under wraps at this time, though cameras have caught photos of Cena on set sporting a school girl-style mini skirt, makeup, high heels, and tights.

Those seeing the former rapper’s costume out of context have been expressing concern for him on social media. However, Cena’s recent tweets make it evident that he’s having a great time shooting Ricky Stanicky. “Beyond excited to help bring these characters to life (both on- and off-screen) with an incredible cast, our director and producers and partners at @AmazonStudios @primevideo,” he wrote on February 1st.

lsewhere in the news, Cena was in the headlines just last month for giving G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo his flowers. The WWE alum is perhaps best known for his “you can’t see me” dance move that he popularized in the ring. However, it turns out he’s not actually the mastermind behind its invention.

That credit goes to the 44-year-old, who first saw the New York rapper perform the wave during his “So Seductive” video. Later on, his brother, Sean, dared him to recreate the moment during his next televised match, and the rest is history.