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Kanye West and Travis Scott’s matching albums explained

Kanye West and Travis Scott's matching albums explained

Kanye West released his ground-breaking Yeezus album in 2013. A decade later, his fellow rapper Travis Scott dropped his much-awaited opus Utopia.

But hip-hop fans sensed something unusually common between the two albums: nearly everything.

Besides the tonality and pacing matching, the most striking resemblances were noted the Scott’s Circus Maximus to the Grammy winner’s Black Skinhead.

According to XXLMag, the two tracks shared likenesses, and by extension, both albums due to their sharing of the same producers, Mike Dean and Noah Goldstein.

The pair had contributed heavily to music production in both Utopia and Yeezus.

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Not to mention, the Grammy-winning duos shared a long history of collaboration with both rappers since their first albums, Ye’s The College Dropout and Scott’s Rodeo, in 2004 and 2015, respectively.

On Twitter, users opened up about their views on the rocking similarities.

“Kanye is always 10 years ahead,” one fan gushed over the trailblazer rapper’s talent,” adding, “In 2013, he dropped Yeezus; 10 years later, Travis dropped #Utopia which has Kanye production influence all over it.”

An admirer of both rap stars added, “Yeah Utopia is legit can’t even complain that was a good a*s experience, Yeezus is one inspirational *** album man.”


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