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Kanye West Asked Uncle Murda To Write A Verse For Him



Uncle Murda recently revealed that Kanye West asked him for help when writing a verse. Moreover, the alleged assist happened alongside Big Sean and record executive Steve Stoute. Despite the Chicago rapper’s public reckoning as of late, tales of his studio exploits and team-ups are always curious.

“You wrote s**t for Kanye?” DJ Superstar Jay asked Uncle Murda in an interview. “You was in the writer’s room?”

“Hold on, hold up. I ain’t- he had me starting to write,” the New York MC explained. It was me and Big Sean. This was the first day I was f***ing with the n***a. Word. That’s why I know Big Sean was really pissed off at the n***a, you know what I’m saying, when they had their issues.

“I remember just being in the studio and Ye was like ‘Damn, this beat,’” he continued. “He was like ‘Yo, go ahead, try to put something together.’ He called Big Sean like ‘Yo, try to work on this beat. It’s been f***ing with me for the last few days. I can’t come up with nothing.’ Like, n***a wanted me to write already? No blunt or nothing? Just like, ‘Go!’ And it was him and Steve Stoute. I’ll never forget.”


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Moreover, this interaction is all the funnier when you consider Uncle Murda’s most recent output. His annual “Rap Up” diss turned heads last year with shots towards the “Off The Grid” artist. Also, artists like Freddie Gibbs responded to receiving hits on the track, though Ye never did.

However, the diss track gave us some more noteworthy responses. Bobby Shmurda reacted to Murda’s mention in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way, probably trying to clean up some earlier mistakes.

“Murda, I’m a changed man, I’m a changed man, I’m different, man. I’m tryna change, Murda, I ain’t tryna boom nobody no more,” Shmurda stated via Instagram. Clearly the 42-year-old’s got plenty of material to work with, even to donate to the Yeezy mogul.

Still, what do you think of Uncle Murda helping Kanye out with a verse? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below.