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Kanye West brands himself ‘God’s emissary’?



Kanye West may consider himself Jesus Christ’s reincarnation, as claimed by Boosie Badazz.

During an appearance on the Get Yo *** Up podcast, the Wipe Me Down rapper claimed that the Donda hitmaker from Kanye’s “Jesus sandals” to his ‘Yeezus’ moniker, the 45-year-old believed himself to be the Son of God.

“I think Kanye thought he was Jesus; he named his name Yeezus, his clothes looked like Jesus when he got stabbed on ’em, his slippers look like Jesus sandals, I think he thought he was Jesus,” Boosie said.

“I think he thought he was Jesus. He was talking about how he felt the ‘Jews was,’ he’s deliberately dogging Blacks.’”


“When you see him his hair is growing on his face looking like this like damn Jesus. Scrapes on his clothes, look at his slippers… It might be true, I might be wrong! But it sure look like it to me,” the rapper added.

Previously, The Life of Pablo rapper said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! also revealed Jesus Christ as his hero.

“Taste, culture, art, just the quality of life, this is what I’m here to do,” Kanye said. “So while I compare myself to Steve Jobs or Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, David Stern, Michaelangelo, Divinci, Jesus, I’m saying these are my heroes. These are people that I look up to.

This is the type of impact I wanna make on the Earth. If I can make this type of impact up to this point. What can I do if you call Bob Iger and say ‘give him a shot?’ If you call Oprah and say, ‘Yo, back this kid.’”