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Kanye West is a threat?



Jewish author and comedian David Baddiel has reportedly claimed that ‘Kanye West is a danger to my children’.

Public outrage against the American rapper does not seem to end anytime soon as the musician has been a sign of controversy with his social media rants for the last couple of years.

Allowing West, 45, to begin tweeting again would be “dangerous for Jews” and “dangerous for my children”, Baddiel has told Sky News.

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband is currently suspended from Twitter for breaching the policy. The 25-year-old posted an image of a swastika hours only two weeks after being allowed back on the site following a previous ban.

The comedian wen on saying: “Kanye being let back onto that platform seems to be part of Elon Musk trying to make (it) less dominated by the progressive left.”

“I’m not bothered about those arguments. I’m bothered about what is dangerous for Jews. What is dangerous for my children. I do think it’s dangerous. I think it’s actively dangerous.”


Baddiel added antisemitism is “often seen by people as punching up”.

He continued: “So they don’t see it as racism, because what they see is that Jews are powerful. So Kanye will say things like, Jews are in control of the music business, I’m finally throwing off the shackles of how Jews won’t let me speak about this, because they’re in control.”