After cooling off for a couple of days, Kanye West is officially back on Instagram, and his main target has been none other than Pete Davidson. Throughout the morning, Kanye has been taking shots at the comedian, and it’s clear that he has his mind set on payback for some of the things Pete has said about him on SNL. This whole saga could get ugly, but for now, Kanye is not concerned about the consequences.

In the middle of all of this, Kanye decided to offer some praise to his mentor Jay-Z, who is currently in the midst of fighting for artistic freedom in the hip-hop world. While referencing an article from Complex, Kanye brought to light the fact that Jay-Z is fighting to make sure that lyrics cannot be used as evidence in a court of law.

“I’m so happy that Jay Z is fighting for our artistic freedom,” Kanye wrote. “As artist we can say anything we want in songs. If our lyrics could be used against us then why not go after the distributors too Apple Spotify radio. But no It’s only the artist that get hit with this.”


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Jay-Z’s efforts are part of a fight that artists have been battling for quite some time. Many believe it is unfair to allow artistic elements such as lyrics to be used as evidence, and as it stands, that fight is still ongoing. A bill in New York could bring about some positive change, and Jay-Z is at the forefront of all of it.