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Kathy Griffin Calls Johnny Depp ‘Bloated Booze Bag,’ Defends Amber



Kathy Griffin is taking low-blow shots at Johnny Depp — beyond believing Amber Heard … she thinks he’s far from the dreamboat he once was, focusing on his looks.

The comedian went on the offensive this week — shortly after the pro-Depp verdict came down in Virginia — during an appearance on “Just Ask The Question with Brian Karem” … where she hurled a lot of insults at JD and his legion of fanboys (and girls).


Specifically, she made fun of his appearance … likening him to Trump, and saying he resembled a “bloated booze bag” these days — despite what his supporters might think.

KG also commented on his voice and manner of speaking … saying it was such a phony act, and that she’s shocked anyone is buying it — even invoking Kanye West during his wire days. The host agrees, saying he sounds sorta British … even though he’s from Kentucky.


Kathy wasn’t done there though … she went on to express direct support for Amber, saying she 100% bought her story of alleged abuse — despite a jury saying otherwise — and even followed in Amber’s footsteps by dredging up supposed old rumors about Johnny.

She mentions Kate Moss (who denied any abuse at the hands of JD) … and even Winona Ryder. Her theory — which sounds totally speculative — is that … these other ladies are, perhaps, afraid of being “Amber Heard’d” and therefore won’t speak out against him.

We’ll let Kathy speak for herself here … but let’s just say she’s certainly catching backlash because of this, from both Depp “stans” and beyond.

Believing Amber is one thing … but this is a different level of commentary.