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Kendall Jenner Reveals She’s Moving to a Ranch: ‘I Am an Actual Cowgirl’



Kendall Jenner wants to satisfy her inner cowgirl!

On the season finale of The Kardashians, the model teases that she may be in the market for a new house — big enough for her and all her horses.

As the episode comes to an end, Jenner says, “I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I would love to do in life, so I’m excited to continue to explore all these things, but… I’m moving to a ranch.”

A producer off camera tells Jenner, “You’re going to end up with horses somewhere,” to which she responds, “I am an actual cowgirl.”


But a home on the range isn’t her only domestic requirement. In October, Jenner opened up about her new passion for home design on another episode of The Kardashians. She discussed her intentions to start flipping houses after revealing a potential renovation project was in the works with best friend Fai Khadra.

This newfound passion, which Jenner said felt like her “purpose,” was sparked by her own home renovation and the launch of her tequila brand, 818 Tequila.

“As a model, I still don’t have much say in anything creative really. That has brought me to wanting to start this journey of house flipping,” she said. “I found that I really do want to be my own boss and have my own ideas and execute them. I just feel like it’s a new me.”

She added that her “wheels just kind of start turning” when she walks into a house. “I’m always like ‘I could do this’ or ‘I could do that,’” she continues.


Jenner showed off her own Mediterranean-inspired sanctuary — her first renovation project — during a 2020 home tour with Architectural Digest.

“My life involves a lot of chaos and travel and high energy, so I wanted a home that feels serene, a place where I can simply zone out and relax,” she told AD. Having been open about her anxiety and panic attacks in the past, Jenner said it was important to find a space where she could completely disconnect.

The house’s “character” is what also originally drew her to the space, especially with its “peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe,” as she describes it.