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Khloé Kardashian Rejected Tristan Thompson’s Secret Proposal Because She Wouldn’t Be ‘Proud’ of Relationship



“I’m not comfortable accepting this right now because I’m not excited to tell my family, and as hurtful as that probably was for him to hear, it was the truth,” Khloé said on The Kardashians

Khloé Kardashian dropped a bombshell on Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians.

While chatting with her sister Kim Kardashian, it was revealed that Khloé’s ex Tristan Thompson secretly proposed more than a year ago — and not only did Khloé reject him, she also opted not to disclose it to her family.

The news was initially shared by Kim as the sisters were discussing the fallout from Tristan’s paternity scandal, which originally broke in December 2021. “I just worry for her because I think that she holds so much in,” Kim, 41, said in a confessional.

“The fact that he proposed and you never told us,” she said to Khloé, 38. “And I asked him months later … the night after I thought it happened and he’s like, ‘Oh, I did it months ago, she didn’t tell you guys?’”


In another confessional, Kim explained the situation further. “I’ll never forget Tristan calling me and he was gonna propose to her on Valentine’s Day, which was a year since they had drama so this was last Valentine’s Day. And then I called him the day after and I was like, ‘Hey, I never heard anything from Khloé. Oh my god, did you propose?’ and he was like, ‘Oh yeah, I did in December.’ Oh my God, she didn’t tell us!” she shared.

Back in her conversation with Kim, Khloé recalled her reaction to Tristan’s proposal, which came just three months before Tristan, 31, became secretly romantically involved with another woman.

“I said, ‘I need to make sure this is a totally different relationship because I wanna be proud to say I’m engaged to anyone,’” she recounted. “And that’s why I said, ‘I’m not comfortable accepting this right now because I’m not excited to tell my family,’ and as hurtful as that probably was for him to hear, it was the truth. I’m not ever gonna accept something or give someone false hope, and I said that to him.”

Kim noted in a confessional: “I don’t know. If someone asked me [to marry them], I would have to say yes! I’d feel so bad.”


Kim then told Khloé, “I get it, that it’s super draining, and I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this and that’s what sucks, because you’re the best person. Seriously. You’re the best girlfriend, wife, I tell everyone … you are a better person than anyone that I know.”

Earlier during their chat, Khloé spoke about the impact of Tristan’s actions on her mental well-being.

“Going through what I went through was Tristan was incredibly hard,” she said in a confessional. “The hardest part about it all is training yourself to un-love someone. This was my life for six years. And we weren’t just a couple, we genuinely were best friends. He was my workout buddy, we did all these things together. And so learning how to undo all those things, that takes time. Just because someone does you dirty doesn’t mean you fall out of love with them instantly.”

Speaking to Kim, she added, “It’s a lot. I just like to isolate and deal with things on my own…. We were in the best place that we were, so when we’re in the peak of our relationship, you go ahead and cheat on me? I don’t even wanna know what you do in the worst of our relationship! I’m just like, shame on me almost. I know better and I didn’t do better because I had so much hope and faith.”


“You asked me something once — you said how do you trust [ex] Pete [Davidson] and I’m like, I just do. It’s a feeling,” Kim responded.

But Khloé found that idea difficult to grasp and noted how “it’s just a lot” on her.

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that all of it sucks and it’s humiliating, it’s hurtful. I just don’t have anything else to give, any f—s to give,” she shared. “Really, when people are like, ‘Oh, you’re so strong’ … I’m not strong, I’m literally just numb to all this shit. Like, how much can people take?”

As fans know, Khloé and Tristan started dating in 2016 and welcomed daughter True Thompson in 2018. They split in June 2021 before reuniting.


Khloé then ended her romantic relationship with the NBA player in January of this year, one month after Tristan confirmed he fathered a baby with Maralee Nichols while he was dating Khloé.

In August, a rep for Khloé told PEOPLE that she and Tristan welcomed their second baby, a son, together via surrogate.

During the season 2 premiere of The Kardashians last week, Khloé gave fans a first look inside the birth of their son, as well as the moment that Tristan met their second child.

“I’ve been on the fence about letting Tristan come to the hospital or not, but Tristan wants to be here so I just figured, why not let him come? I’ll never get this moment back,” Khloé said in a confessional.


Khloé also claimed on the episode that Tristan allegedly never said a word to her about fathering the other child even as they were trying for baby number two. She alleged they began the embryo transfer for their second child days before Thanksgiving, and she “found out about Tristan’s situation the first week of December.”

Though fans got a glimpse of their new son, they’ll unfortunately have to wait a bit longer to learn his name. In the final moments of the episode, while taking her son home, Khloé lovingly stared over at him in his car seat and jokingly said, “No Name Johnson, over here.”

Khloé did, however, confirm that her son’s name will begin with the letter T, just like his big sister.

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