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Kid Cudi Says He & Young Thug Have 2 Songs Coming Out



Kid Cudi confirmed that he has two collaborations with Young Thug coming out in the near future. Speaking to his fans on Twitter, Cudi explained that he will include one on his next album, while Thug will release the other.

“I got 2 songs w Thug I did last year,” Cudi tweeted. “1 of them goin on the new album the other he’ll use. These songs are fuckin INSANE. Im tellin u. U have no idea.”

Young Thug is currently awaiting trial for the massive YSL RICO case, which is set to kick off next year.

New of more music from Cudi comes just months after his eighth studio album, Entergalactic. At the time, Cudi hinted at being done with music while speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in September. He said he’s gotten “bored of making albums” and needs something “different.”

“The Kid Cudi stuff, I think I want to put it on the back burner and chill out with that,” he said. “I think, I want to be done with it. I think, closing the chapter on Kid Cudi. The goal for Entergalactic, I was bored of making albums.

“Just, doing an album, two music videos and that’s it,” he further added. “And I was like, ‘Man, I went into this wanting to do something epic and different.’ And now, that I’ve done that, I just… I’ve made a lot of music, man.”


Earlier in the week on Twitter, Cudi recalled going on a two-week-long “cocaine run” after filming his music video for “Frequency.”

Check out Kid Cudi’s recent tweet below.