Kim Kardashian faces backlash for giving THIS advice to sister Kourtney Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian faces backlash for giving THIS advice to sister Kourtney Kardashian



Kim Kardashian is receiving backlash yet again as she once advised her sister Kourtney Kardashian to have another child with her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick.

Fans are labelling the socialite 42 “creepy” and “jealous” after she suggested Kourtney should get pregnant via IVF with Scott, despite the couple having both moved on with other people.

Kourtney, 43 and Scott, 39, was in an on-off relationship from 2006 to 2015. The former couple share three children together, Mason, 13, Penelope, 10, and Reign, eight.

In a resurfaced clip from Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim was seen telling her friend Larsa Pippen that Scott had text her to say he wanted to have another baby with Kourtney.

“I mean it’s like, Scott has a girlfriend, Kourtney has a boyfriend, we get it so they don’t even have to have sex. It could be like IVF.”


Her friend agreed, saying: “Totally, it’s just so much easier to have the same dad.”

Kim’s eyes lit up as she pitched her plan, “I have to tell the rest of the family, be like, guys should we encourage this? Like how cute will that be.”

Kim then emailed her family with her plan, but accidentally included her sister Kourtney in it.

One Kardashian fan shared the clip on Reddit, with people expressing their opinions about Kim’s “creepy” suggestion.

One person wrote: “Kim was only so desperate for them to stay together and have another baby because she wanted to keep her sister on lockdown and have her continue to live the boring mom life.


“I genuinely think Kim’s crazy level of jealousy gives her real fear of seeing Kourtney happy and having fun.”

Another said: “Kim’s creepy, conniving smile is the one she wears when she plots. How dare Kourtney live a happier and care-free life than Kim. That’s not allowed!”