Baby fever has taken over for Kodak and his girlfriend, Maranda Johnson. Months ago, it was officially announced that Kodak was expecting his second child with the real estate agent, and it all came as a shock considering he was recently cuddled up with rapper Mellow Rackz on Instagram. The two seemingly suggested that they were engaged, but that soon quickly fizzled and there were reports that the couple was no more.

Then, in September, TMZ shared the news about Kodak and Maranda’s upcoming edition while also revealing that the pair have dated on and off since meeting four years ago.

We previously reported on the couple’s good news and at the time, it was stated that Maranda found out she was pregnant back in April. That would mean that she’s expected to give birth at the top of 2022, and judging by the festivities uploaded online, Kodak and Maranda hosted their baby shower. Clips have begun circulating and it shows that Kodak put a ring on it…sort of.

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It was implicitly stated that he proposed as many reports only speak of this as a “gift,” but Kodak did seem to slide that ring onto the proper finger. Partygoers filmed the precious moment and Maranda was more than happy with the event’s outcome. Check out the happy couple below.