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Kyle Kuzma Mocks Nick Wright’s Bizarre Michael Jordan Ranking

Kyle Kuzma Mocks Nick Wright's Bizarre Michael Jordan Ranking 1


Nick Wright is known for some interesting takes.

Nick Wright is one of the most polarizing men in sports talk television. Over the years, he has become a huge cheerleader for the likes of LeBron James, whom he believes is the greatest player to ever touch the court. Wright has been quick to dismiss some of today’s best players, and he has also dismissed the accomplishments of legends like Michael Jordan due to the era they played in.

Having said all of that, it is easy to see why Wright is a punching bag for both fans and current NBA players. Even Kevin Durant has taken a swipe at Wright at times, which has led to some interesting back and forths on Twitter. Now, it is Kyle Kuzma who is taking his shot at the FS1 personality.

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Over the last month or so, Wright has been slowly but surely revealing his Top 50 players of all-time list. Recently, Wright revealed that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is second on his list, all while Michael Jordan is surprisingly third. The top spot has yet to be revealed, although at this point, everyone knows that the spot is going to go to LeBron James.

This elicited a strong response from Kuzma, who said “This has to be the first list in mankind where MJ is number 3 lol.”


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