Kylie Jenner’s Givenchy Noose Necklace Earns Her Significant Backlash
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Kylie Jenner’s Givenchy Noose Necklace Earns Her Significant Backlash

Kylie Jenner’s Givenchy Noose Necklace Earns Her Significant Backlash 1

Unfortunately for the Kardashian-Jenner family, it often feels as though they can’t go a day without being criticized. Seeing as they have a large family, most of whom specifically choose to spend their time in the public eye, it’s not exactly surprising. After so much criticism in past years, though, you’d think they’d stop repeating the same mistakes. Most recently, the youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, is facing significant backlash for some of her Paris Fashion Week outfit choices.

Firstly, the internet has been having a field day with the makeup mogul’s animalistic outfit for the Schiaparelli couture show. While sitting front row – alongside an equally as eye-catching Doja Cat – she donned a curve-hugging black dress, complete with a lifesize, realistic lion’s head on her torso.



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While the materials used to create the majestic creature Jenner wore were faux, haters are still upset over her apparent promotion of wearing animals. However, PETA has made it known that they’re in support of her jungle-friendly fit, even publicly praising the socialite and brand for their creative work.

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After obviously causing controversy at Schiaparelli, the California native stirred the pot with Givenchy. From afar, her outfit looks relatively normal, consisting of a bright blue dress and mid-length pink sparkly boots. Up close, though, you can see that the accessory worn around her neck actually doubles as a noose.

As Page Six notes, the controversial piece made its debut in the French brand’s Spring 2022 collection. It appeared on the runway in October 2021, at which time social media heavily criticized it.

Upon seeing new photos of the 25-year-old in Paris, outraged Twitter users have been speaking out. “@givenchy & @KylieJenner yall support slavery? Because why would Givenchy create a noose necklace understanding the atrocities of slavery globally?” one user pondered.

“And, why would you, Kylie, wear a damn noose necklace and you have a HALF BLACK DAUGHTER & SON?! True racists,” they added.

Another person openly asked, “This woman has no shame at all. Is she picking her outfits on purpose knowing very well they will create controversy?”

Scroll further for more Twitter reactions to Kylie Jenner’s latest Givenchy look. Afterward, tell us which Paris Fashion Week shows you’ve been loving so far in the comments.


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