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LA Sheriff’s Department Visits Will Smith’s Home, Charges Remain a Possibility

LA Sheriff's Department Visits Will Smith's Home, Charges Remain a Possibility 1

In wake of the infamous slap heard around the world, Chris Rock has remained steadfast in his refusal to press charges against Will Smith for slapping him on stage. But nevertheless, it appears as though punishment is coming down the pipeline. Not only has the Academy confirmed that they are weighing options in terms of how to properly sanction Will Smith for his actions, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently pulled up on the award-winning actor at his multi-million dollar mansion in Calabasas.

According to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, patrol cars were in the area to investigate a drone that was flying around the upscale neighborhood. While it is not known exactly why the Los Angeles Sheriffs entered the gates of Will Smith’s mansion, it is important to note that the LAPD can still prosecute the 53-year-old actor for his transgressions on Oscar Night, regardless of whether or not Chris Rock ever decides to push the issue. This was a notion that was reiterated by the former D.A. of Los Angeles County, just days after the assault took place.

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“The [Los Angeles] city attorney could bring charges based upon the evidence without necessarily relying upon the victim,” said Steve Cooley. “The victim does not control whether or not a prosecutor should file charges…However, charges actually can and should be filed because the offense was against the state of California. It’s not Chris Rock versus Will Smith in a criminal matter. The LAPD and the city attorney should not close the door on what was an obvious criminal offense and is easily provable.”

Stay tuned for more news on the Sheriff’s Department’s involvement with Will Smith’s highly publicized incident from Oscar night.

Source: PageSix

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