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Lady Sends Nudes Pictures And Videos To Pastor…As a BirthDay Gift


The devil’s agent manifested in flesh by one Vanessa Edem Togbe on Tuesday, February 16, 2010, e-presented her nude pictures to Pastor Peter Kayode of the Awakeners Chapel in Accra as Valentine gift.

She posted the naked pictures to the Pastor through her e-mail address where she indicated her desire to sleep with the man of God.

She claimed in a write-up that accompanied the pictures that she had had a baby with a cousin of hers and it was time to demand from the Pastor, the warmth of his comforting rod. Alongside the four nude pictures she posted to the pastor, was her naked pregnancy that she claimed she had with the cousin.

“I have been pregnant to my cousin Roland, now I deliver his baby the 20 May 2009. I send you some nude pictures I will u also want to have sex with me Pastor,” she wrote in such corrupted language to Pastor Kayode.

The picture showing her pregnant period was accompanied by the following: “am now pregnant see my pic I want u baby also Pastor.”

The accompanying pictures as published on the front page of the paper, offers a clear indication yet, as the paper’s underground search confirmed that Vanessa was all set to push an agenda being pursued by elements within the Synagogue Church in Nigeria against the Ghana based pastor.

Today’s investigations revealed that Vanessa was once a member of the Ghana branch of the Synagogue Church of All Nations founded by the controversial T.B. Joshua with headquarters at Ekotu Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Ghana branch of Synagogue was founded by Pastor Peter Kayode, who later decided to break-up from the parent church, because of what he considered to be many wrongs committed against him by the head Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations-Pastor T.B. Joshua.

Pastor Kayode recently revealed how he was sent on the Ghana mission by T.B. Joshua in order to cause a deliberate separation between him and his wife who he had brought to the Synagogue for spiritual healing.

Vanessa, Today’s findings established, had been one of the many people who was being used by the Synagogue Church to persecute Pastor Kayode, since he broke out from the Synagogue in 2004.

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The popular belief within Synagogue circles suggest that Pastor Kayode is behind the many of scandals being revealed against T.B. Joshua in Ghana, hence the sheer bravodo of Vanessa and his sponsors to retaliate, through all manner of means.

They are blindly refusing to take another look at their spiritual god father-T.B. Joshua and almost everyone who has come into contact with him over the last decade has a nasty tale or two to tell.

Like many members of the Synagogue Church Ghana, who quit under the guise of following Pastor Kayode to his Awakeners Chapel, but ostensibly on a sponsored mission of the parent Church in Nigeria, Vanessa and her younger sister followed Pastor Kayode to his Awakeners Church then situated at Kotobabi, Abavana Down.

With the mission becoming abortive, the sisters went AWOL, with Vanessa resurfacing with a more sophisticated and enticing plot to get Pastor Kayode succumb to the schemes being waged through her by the Nigerian Synagogue Church.

Intelligence gathered suggests that the plot is being hatched against Pastor Kayode by assigns of the beleaguered head Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, T.B. Joshua. T.B. Joshua’s agents believe if they got at Pastor Kayode, attention on their disgraced pastor will momentarily be shifted and offer them a breather to plan a massive image redemption of T.B. Joshua.

In an interview, Pastor Kayode confirmed that he was aware right from day one that Vanessa, her sisters and many others who followed him to form the Awakeners Chapel in Ghana were not genuine and that they were there on a sponsored contract to do the evil bidding of their masters at T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church in Nigeria.

“But I cannot fall to such cheap tricks at this time of my spiritual awareness,” Pastor Kayode stressed, adding that he has been receiving similar temptations from people he suspects might be working for T.B. Joshua and his Synagogue Church in Nigeria.

In some instances, Pastor Kayode disclosed that people pretended to be officials of the Immigration Service and issued him with repatriation threats, but as he managed to pick one particular voice that had been harassing him with the repatriation threat, the caller had since stopped bothering him.



Source : ghanaweb.com

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