Latto Sells Her 'Used' Panties On EBay & Sparks $100K Bidding War
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Latto Sells Her ‘Used’ Panties On eBay & Sparks $100K Bidding War

Latto Sells Her 'Used' Panties On eBay & Sparks $100K Bidding War 1

Latto has listed a pair of her “used” panties for sale on eBay, sparking a bidding war among thirsty fans that reached almost $100,000.

The Atlanta rapper’s underwear came under scrutiny over the weekend when an eagle-eyed Twitter user called her out for wearing the same cheetah print thong in two separate photos — to which Latto clapped back with: “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

The “Big Energy” hitmaker took her response one step further on Monday (January 30) by giving her fans an “inside look” at her panty drawer and revealing her plans to “wear a pair today and sell em tomorrow.”

“In light of my panty discrepancy yesterday, I’ve decided to give you guys an inside look on my panty drawer,” she said while rifling through her drawer in a video posted to her Instagram Stories. “These are all my Target panties that caused such a discrepancy yesterday. $5 at Target, here’s the cheetah stash.”


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Staying true to her word, Latto later posted a link to an eBay auction of her cheetah print panties, with bidding starting at $0.99.

“Latto’s everyday cheetah print panties,” the item’s description read. “Used. As seen on Latto multiple times.”

Within hours, bidding had reached tens of thousands of dollars, at one point climbing to a whopping $95,650 after more than 100 bids from shameless fans.

It appears as though Latto won’t be celebrating a five-figure payday from her panties, however, as eBay removed the auction due to it violating their policies.

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“Used underwear is not allowed on site please report any listings you see in breach of policy,” eBay’s Customer Service page, @AskeBay, wrote on Twitter in response to a fan who flagged the listing.

Latto has yet to address her auction being taken down, although she did joke prior to its removal that her panties “prolly smell like a Frappuccino,” referencing Kodak Black’s not-so-complimentary nickname for her.


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Latto’s cheetah print thong is far from the first absurd eBay auction involving around a rapper’s personal possession. Last year, Nicki Minaj’s acrylic nail that she allegedly wore while performing at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards reportedly fetched a hefty $55,000 on the online marketplace.

The seller, taw1678, claimed that he came into possession of the nail while he was positioned in the front row of the pit where Nicki performed her show-stealing, career-spanning medley, and that the nail flew off her finger moments before her set began.

French Montana, meanwhile, went viral for all the wrong reasons in December 2021 when a pair of his “Coke Boy L.A. Ave” sneakers he gifted Kanye West appeared on eBay for just $0.99.

The Bronx rapper was seen giving Ye the shoes at a Donda Academy basketball game in Los Angeles, but the G.O.O.D. Music founder allegedly left them in a locker room at the gym. An attendee seemingly found the pair and listed them for sale in hopes of making a quick buck (literally).


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