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Latto Suggests Her Man Pays All Her Bills



She has yet to share her mystery man with the world, but Latto has spoken about him enough. Sure, there have been plenty of rumors about the identity of the 777 rapper’s beau. When she first shared she was in a new relationship, the internet was buzzing about who it could be. People speculated from one platform to another, but eventually, the gossip-mongers settled on 21 Savage.

Now, it should be noted that 21 has denied having a celebrity girlfriend. However, that hasn’t stopped people from adding his name to this conversation. Things recently reignited once again after Latto visited Hot 107.9 and discussed how her mystery man takes care of all her finances.

“I got the ‘Vette, I got the Lambs, I go the Birkins,” the rapper told the radio hosts. “I don’t pay no bills. If he comin’ like that, then, yeah.” The host was surprised that Latto didn’t come out of her purse at all. “I don’t pay no bills!” she repeated.

Although she won’t confirm who her beau may be, last summer, Latto did take to Twitter to speak about her romance. After someone asked if she missed her man, she admitted, “Girl I be dead crying when I have to leave lol we got separation anxiety reallll bad.”


“[One] thing about it my man gone put me on a jet after my show to get me back home to him faster ????????????,” she added. Further, she questioned whether she wanted a wedding or a baby first. We’ll keep you posted if there are any baby bumps or wedding bells, but for now, watch Latto on Hot 107.9 below.