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LeBron James Compares Bryce’s Latest Dunk To His High School Days

LeBron James Compares Bryce's Latest Dunk To His High School Days 1

LeBron James has two sons who are currently playing high-level high school basketball. Of course, the first son is Bronny who is likely going to play University ball about a year from now. The other son is Bryce Maximus, who just played his first season at Sierra Canyon on the JV team. Bryce is expected to make the leap to the varsity team next year and based on his current size, there is a lot of hope that he can be the next great NBA superstar.

It is way too early to be making assertions like this, however, many can’t help it, especially after a photo of Bryce and LeBron went viral on Twitter. The photo showcases Bryce standing next to his father, and it’s clear that the 15-year-old is almost as tall as his dad. It’s truly wild to see, and it has many thinking that Bryce could be close to seven feet tall by the time he’s stopped growing.

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LeBron recently gave his own take on this recently surfaced photo as he went on Instagram and hit Bryce with a tribute of sorts, saying “My Twin, My Ace, My Young King.” This post included a photo of Bryce dunking the basketball in the exact same fashion LeBron once did in high school while playing for St. Vincent-St. Mary’s. It’s definitely a striking photo and it just goes to show that LeBron is passing down the basketball gene to his sons.


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While Bryce’s basketball future is not guaranteed, it is clear that he is on the right track to success. Hopefully, the outside pressure doesn’t become too overwhelming, as is frequently the case.


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