LeBron James Has Some Advice For Victor Wembanyama
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LeBron James Has Some Advice For Victor Wembanyama

LeBron James Has Some Advice For Victor Wembanyama 1

LeBron James was one of the most hyped prodigies ever when he was in high school. Overall, it was almost impossible for him to live up to the hype. However, he managed to do it as he is considered a top-two player to ever step on the court. Now, there is a new prodigy being hyped up over in Europe. Of course, we are talking about the 7’4″ Victor Wembanyama, who is an absolute beast out on the court. As it stands, he is expected to be the future of the entire NBA.

As someone who has been called a prodigy before, LeBron could certainly offer some advice to the young man. In fact, that is exactly what James did while speaking on Wembanyama recently. When asked by ESPN about the French superstar, LeBron had some great things to say. Mostly, James touched on how basketball is a business, and sometimes, a lot is expected of you. However, it is important to stay true to yourself and just have fun.

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“The most important thing [for him] is stay true to the game,” LeBron said. “And that’s one thing for me. I always tell myself, ‘I’m going to commit to the game. I’m going to train. I’m going to prepare myself physically, mentally, spiritually, to give to the game if you want to be great.’ The second thing is don’t forget to have fun because it becomes a business. It becomes a business right away. And he’s going through it right now, and it’s going to get even — I don’t want to say worse, but it gets even more demanding on you on the business side.”

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At this point, it remains to be seen how Wembanyama will fare in the NBA. As a pro player in France, he has been fantastic. However, there is no guarantee that he is able to translate that to the NBA. Hopefully, he is able to have the same kind of success as LeBron. Let us know what you think of the French star, in the comments down below.


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