LeBron James Restrained After Heckler Makes Fun Of Hairline
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LeBron James Restrained After Heckler Makes Fun Of Hairline



After losing to the Los Angeles Clippers 133 to 115 on Wednesday (January 25), a heckler bashed Lakers star LeBron James for his hairline. In fact, LeBron looked quite frustrated in general after 48 points on his end and yet another lost game. Still, it’s no reason for fans to harass him at his games, as it’s the kind of hate that you don’t want to clap back to.

Overall, LeBron is quite used to the heckles and jokes, and he’s answered such jabs with one of the all-time greatest NBA careers. However, it’s a lot easier to mitigate hateful comments online, especially not in your home court. Moreover, an unidentified fan scolded the 38-year-old for his hair.

“Hey, Brown, you better get this s**t together,” they screamed, “with that receding a** hairline!” Upon that phrase, James noticed the fan and stopped in his tracks to address him. However, a referee held him back by beckoning him beyond the court. “Look, he’s mad, look at him! You sick,” he continued before laughing and turning the camera away. What’s more is that people called for him to stop during the clip.


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As such, many on social media brought in jokes of their own or called out this toxic behavior. “Not this giggle at the end… sir sit down and eat them nuts,” one user wrote via Instagram. Another commented, “Can ppl come to your job and harass you? Especially after a tough day at work, yall would be ready to scuffle too!” Meanwhile, other people treated it as dirt on LeBron’s shoulder. “If the only problem he has is a hairline s**t life is good!!” one user wrote.

Moreover, the NBA superstar aims to break Kareem Abdul-Jabar’s scoring record for the regular season, and he’s dangerously close. Most recently, however, he commented on his son Bronny’s college aspirations and what team he might land on. Reportedly, he’s between Oregon, USC, and Ohio State.

“I think Bronny can go to any college he wants to,” LeBron expressed. “All I have to do is pick up the phone. If Bronny says he wants to go there, he’s good enough.”