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LeBron James Reveals His Favorite NFL Player



LeBron James has always made it clear that he is a huge fan of the NFL. The Los Angeles Lakers star likes to make it out to Rams games when he can, and he is always playing Madden. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that LeBron would want to get involved with NFL broadcasting.

LeBron James’ “The Shop” x The NFL

Last night, LeBron’s show The Shop was featured on Amazon Prime TV, where Thursday Night Football was being broadcasted. He got to react to the game live with a plethora of special guests, including Jalen Ramsey of the Rams. It was a fun time, with plenty of jokes.

At one point in the broadcast, LeBron was asked who his favorite player in the league is. Many would think LeBron would say Tom Brady. Overall, Brady is one of the best superstars ever. Not to mention, Bron has always shown love to the Buccaneers star. Instead, however, James decided to go with running back Derrick Henry.

LeBron’s Favorite Player

“My favorite player in the NFL, man. What makes him my favorite player? I mean, for years, they always used to say that running backs that size or that tall couldn’t survive, and obviously Eric Dickerson kind of changed that too,” LeBron said. “But then came King Henry changed that in a whole other fashion. Not only is he as tall as Eric Dickerson, but he’s also built like a linebacker. He can run between the tackles, outside of tackles, and when he gets on the edge, it’s either gonna be a stiff arm or he gonna run around you.”


Derrick Henry is absolutely a great choice. He is the best running back in the league, and he has carried the Tennessee Titans at times. The Titans are looking like a team that can make a big run in the postseason, and perhaps LeBron’s fandom will spark a huge rally.


Let us know who your favorite NFL player is, in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the sports world.