Five months after his cousin was slain in broad daylight, Key Glock has come forward for his first interview since the murder of Young Dolph. It was back in November when Dolph was grabbing cookies for his mother in his hometown before multiple assailants accosted him. It is a tragedy that Dolph’s loved ones and fans are still grappling with, and Key Glock recently told 360 with Speedy Morgan that he remains in mourning.”I’m content,” Glock said. “I’m maintaining. I’m not getting better, I’m not getting worse, I’m just here right now.” Morgan wanted to know if Glock recalled the time and place when he learned of the news of Dolph’s death.


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“I was at home. I was at home laying down, actually,” the rapper answered. “Somebody called me in the house like, you know, when you can hear somebody call your name, like the tone of they voice, you know something wrong, you just don’t know what it is? That’s what it was.”

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LeBron James is a Young Dolph fan and shared a clip of Glock’s interview with Complex on his Instagram Story. The NBA icon wanted to show his support to Glock during this difficult time.

“There’s no timetable on how long someone should mourn! Take your time [key emoji][crown emoji],” James wrote along with the clip. “Love sent to you from me [praying hands emoji][fist emoji][flex emoji][vrowwn emoji] #LLYD[dolphin emoji].” Check it out below.

LeBron James Shows Love To Key Glock As Rapper Mourns Young Dolph 2