Lil Baby Does Hilarious Promo Video For Salon
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Lil Baby Does Hilarious Promo Video For Salon



While there’s an abundance of skilled and incredibly talented rappers working today, only a few charm fans as much with their personality and demeanor. As of late, people have rallied around a specific Atlanta rapper for his charming and often hilarious presence. Lil Baby recently participated in a promo video for the Beauty On Wheels salon in Los Angeles. Moreover, the business gave the MC a manicure ahead of the 2023 Grammy Awards and promoted it via Instagram. However, what’s really causing a buzz in their comments is the “Freestyle” artist’s funny promotion for the company.

“Hello guys, I’m Lil Baby here,” he said as he got up from a chair in the mobile salon. Yes, mobile. Beauty On Wheels is a multi-purpose salon that all fits inside a large turquoise van. While Baby caught most people’s attention, plenty of people also seemed impressed by the idea. What’s more is that, after seeing the 28-year-old’s gut-busting energy, they’ll surely rake in a lot more performances. Furthermore, Baby said “Make sure you check the nail place out!” before walking out of the van and out of frame. As such, many in the comments had plenty of jokes and funny observations to make about his appearance.


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“Did he give a Plug the Nail place simultaneously Running off on the Plug,” a user wrote. Also, one of the funniest recurring comments had to do with Baby’s “office voice”. “Wassup this is Lil Baby here and you’re watching Disney channel,” another fan added with a laughing emoji. Furthermore, many also debated whether the Atlanta MC knows how funny he is or if it’s just his regular personality. “Is this his personal humor or is it just awkward black boy vibes,” a user questioned. “I really don’t know if this is him being funny or just social anxiety.”


Whether Baby’s trying to be a comedian or not, the fact he matches it with hip-hop dominance is quite astounding. Recently, he joined a few other current titans like Lil Uzi Vert and GloRilla at the Grammys’ performance for hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. Moreover, he performed his iconic hit “Freestyle,” which for many cemented it as a modern rap classic. While LL Cool J and The Roots hosted the homage, it brought together some of the genre’s greatest and looked to its bright future.