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Lil Durk Claims His Record Label Gave Him $40 Million

Lil Durk Claims His Record Label Gave Him $40 Million 1

Lil Durk is claiming he secured a sizable bag from his record label, Alamo Records.

On Sunday (March 13), the Chicago rapper hopped on Twitter to boast about his reported major come-up. “My label gave me 40million let’s talk bout it,” he plainly tweeted.

There were mixed responses to Durkio’s revelation, with some thinking it’s money well spent while others aren’t sold. “40 million for what?” one person responded. “To make noise that sounds like the most basic stuff? wana be ghetto shit over exaggerated Hood shit. If you paid me 40 million dollars I still wouldn’t write music of that nature.Content still matters hip-hop used to be for the most brilliant.”

“He’s getting paid 40 million dollars for a reason,” someone else countered. “That reason being a lot of people listen. Idc how much you wanna protect the “integrity of rap” I’d rather have 40 mill. You not “writing music of that nature” is why no one giving you 40 mill, or even views for that matter lol.”

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Other people assumed the dollar amount was an advance that the rapper would have to recoup.

Durk, who is signed to Alamo Records, which was acquired by Sony Music last summer, is undoubtedly one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. He is fresh off the release of his latest album, 7220.

The Only The Family boss isn’t shy about boasting about how big of a draw he is monetarily. In June 2020, he claimed he was going to start charging $100,000 as his performance fee.

XXL has reached out to Alamo Records for comment.

See more Twitter reactions to Durk’s new contract below.



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