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Lil Pump Loses Lean Gut After Hitting The Gym: “Working Out Is My New Addiction”



Lil Pump put down the drugs in exchange for dumbbells and the progress speaks for itself.

This week, the rapper took to Instagram where he revealed his physique after hitting the gym extensively in recent months. Pump lost his lean gut completely and looks significantly healthier these days.

“Looking good feeling better working out is my new addiction should I go keep going ?” he captioned the post.

Pump’s physical transformation seems to be part of a bigger initiative to gain back his momentum. Despite claiming that he hasn’t fallen off, he certainly isn’t dominating radio or clubs as he once did. Last year, he dropped a slew of singles that didn’t seem to gain traction including “I’m Back” and the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted, “She Know.”

Many fans began to bring up J. Cole’s “1985” single and how the K.O.D. rapper predicted how Pump’s career would play out. However, Pump claimed that Cole wasn’t correct at all.

“He was trying to understand [the] young generation, ’cause at that time people didn’t understand what was going on with the music,” he said. “‘There’s this new wave coming in, we don’t understand it but we’re just gonna roll with it.’ But I fuck with J. Cole, I don’t have no problems with him.”


“Nope, because I’m still here,” he said when asked if Cole was correct. “I don’t think he predicted shit. I’m still here.”

Hopefully, Pump stick to his new fitness regime and comes through with new music in the near future.

Check out the post below.


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