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Lil Tjay Reveals PTSD Struggles



Lil Tjay recently opened up about his struggles with PTSD, presumably after he suffered seven gunshot wounds in an attempted New Jersey robbery. Moreover, the trauma and difficulty he faced seems to continue to affect his life today. Recently, the rapper posted a message on Twitter referring to unspecified struggles he’s going through. Furthermore, he expressed that post-traumatic stress disorder hit him hard and causes concern for his well-being. While such a harrowing situation is hard to imagine, hopefully letting those emotions out will help him in the long run.

“I be feeling like I’m gonna die but I ain’t trynna go,” the 21-year-old stated. “That’s y I be steady going thru what I go thru I got ptsd.” Also, the Bronx native might refer to his recent string of arrests in this Twitter message. While he was on his way to shoot a video with Ice Spice, police pulled him over in a traffic stop. Reportedly, officers found a handgun in his vehicle and arrested him, though he exited on a $90,000 bond days later. Less than two weeks following that incident, authorities once again arrested Tjay on gun charges. However, his lawyer explained that said arrest came from a misunderstanding concerning the first.


“He was excused from appearing in court last Friday by the arraignment judge,” attorney Dawn Florio elaborated to AllHipHop. “Another judge revoked his bond and put him back in jail for missing court on Friday even though he was told by the first judge that he did not have [to] appear.” After his family paid for release, he now awaits his trial, set for Tuesday (February 14). Moreover, the “F.N” MC suffered a coma for five days after last year’s armed robbery and required emergency surgery due to a bullet in his neck. Later, he spoke to Rolling Stone of how that experience affected him.


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“I got airlifted into the sky at 2:22, and it was June 22, 2022,” he expressed. “When I searched those numbers, it was like ‘God’s giving you the opportunity to change.’ I questioned God before that, I don’t anymore. I know God’s real, a billion percent. I’m not on no tough-guy s**t, or on some angel s**t. I feel like a miracle kid, I feel like my purpose is bigger than I know. I’m just trying to figure out what life got in store for me. I know that I’m destined to win.” Hopefully he’s in better spirits.