Things got a bit heated in a clothing store between Lil Uzi Vert and a man. A brief clip of the confrontation has begun to circulate online after the man shared bits and pieces to social media. In a video, the man is recording Uzi charging him while a masked woman holds the rapper back. “Yo bro, leave it alone, bro, just leave it alone,” someone is heard saying off-camera.

“You wanna fight?” the man behind the camera questions Uzi. In another clip, the man threatens Uzi by saying, “Yo, I’mma f*ck your b*tch, too, she wanna suck my d*ck.”

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The videos move pretty quickly and as the story develops, the public has been trying to determine if the woman in the video is Uzi’s girlfriend, JT. Many have stated that it obviously isn’t her because the woman in the video has a different skin tone, but others are arguing that it’s the lighting. Whatever the case may be, the woman is being hailed for keeping Uzi out of harm’s way because the last thing anyone needs is a holiday lawsuit.

Uzi hasn’t commented on the confrontation and it is unclear what led to the tension. Check out the video below.