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Lil Wayne Stunned By Deion Sanders’ Colorado Locker Room Tour



Lil Wayne is one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the entire world. Overall, he is in a lot of people’s top 5s, and he will continue to be for decades. To this day, Wayne remains one of the most respected artists ever, and it has afforded him some cool opportunities. From meeting athletes to billionaires, Lil Wayne has truly seen and done it all. Moreover, he is connected with tons of athletes, who have been able to show him the behind-the-scenes version of what sports can be like.

As it turns out, the latest person to do this for Wayne was none other than Deion Sanders. Over the last few months, Coach Prime has been a huge story around college football. Following his departure from Jackson State, Sanders signed on with Colorado. Moving forward, he is expected to bring this team back to its glory years. Although this is going to be very difficult, Sanders seems up to the task. In fact, with Coach Prime going to Colorado, numerous recruits are following suit. Consequently, this team could be in for an amazing season.


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Lil Wayne Gets Blown Away

As it pertains to Wayne, he got to visit Sanders at the University of Colorado facility. College football programs oftentimes have facilities that are more impressive than some NFL squads. In the video above, you can see just how impressed Wayne was with what he was seeing. “Oh, this the locker room? This the fucking locker room? C’mon man!” Wayne exclaimed. “It’ll be hard for a n-gga to feel bad after a loss up in here. I’m telling you that right now.” As you can also tell, Sanders was very happy with Wayne’s reaction. Sanders is doing his best to build something great at Colorado, and there is no doubt that the players will enjoy where they’re spending most of their time.


Overall, building a football program is not easy. However, Sanders did a great job doing so over at Jackson State. Now, he just has to go out and do it all over again at a school that has a few more resources. If he keeps going down this path, Colorado should be on pace for a phenomenal campaign.