Mac Miller sadly passed away one year ago after an overdose in his Studio City home. The news came as a shock to his family, friends, collaborators and fans worldwide who were blessed to have received just one more studio album (Swimming) from the musician one month before his death. TMZ now reports that Mac’s estate has filed documents stating the value of his assets that have all finally been acquired.

According to the publication, Mac’s assets including everything from his furniture and jewelry to his music royalties totaled $7 million. The invetory lists notes two 14K gold chains worth $3,649.00, 14K diamond stud earrings worth $9,307, $20k Rolex, $14k Cuban link necklace among many others. TMZ details that the “Come Back To Earth” rapper had $20K worth of furniture, $15K worth of electronics and a $6K BMW 5 series. $1.5 million of assets are strictly Mac’s royalties.