TikTok is coming for Machine Gun Kelly for the second time this month. Just a few weeks back, we shared a story about a video that surfaced online from a creator that was employed at Guitar Centre, and just so happened to do some work on one of the recording artist’s instruments.At the time, MGK was accused of using the kill switch on his guitar to mute himself during live performances, and now, more TikTok users have come forward with even worse allegations about the rapper-turned-rocker.As Screenshot Media reports, a user named Derrick Cole shared a now-viral video in which he breaks down his experience working on-set with the 31-year-old. “I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble for this or not,” he began, “but I worked on a show with Machine Gun Kelly and he is a real d*ckhead.””He got in a huge fight with the prop master – who was a female – he tried to fight her because she wasn’t going to let him use a real joint on set and had him use a herbal cigarette. And he just couldn’t do it because he’s such a real G,” the original poster sarcastically said.Reportedly, the “Wild Boy” hitmaker’s “temper tantrum” forced the whole set to shut down for a day. “He’s just an overall piece of shit,” Cole said of the controversial musician.

In a follow-up video, @derricksfunny clarified that he wasn’t trying to “cancel” MGK, although the post – which has since received over 2.4 million views – has prompted dozens of others to come forward with “nightmare” stories of their own interactions with Kelly – check out some of them below.

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