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Man falls in love with his girlfriend’s cousin

A man is in love with his girlfriend’s cousin. He has taken to the inbox of relationship coach, Abena Magis Manokekame to ask for advice on if whether to continue dating his girlfriend or leave her for his newfound love in his cousin.

Read his full message below:


Good morning Auntie Abena

Pls post this on behalf of my friend. So here’s the problem:

My friend met his current girlfriend 7 years ago, he loves her. Just a year into the relationship, the girlfriend introduced him to her cousin. It was a conference call but the cousin took my friend’s number from his girlfriend after the call and called him without her sister knowing.

They spoke for a while and within few days the cousin confessed how much she loves my friend even though they’ve never met.

So this cousin arranged to visit her sister just to meet my friend and when they finally met, they had sex that same day without his girlfriend’s knowledge.

Now he’s in love with the cousin and wants to marry her though he has a child with the girlfriend.

The cousin wants him too. Pls let ur audience advice him on what to do, because he doesn’t love his lady anymore but doesn’t know what to do.. Pls post this auntie pls”




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