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Masturbation is a beautiful thing; it’s not a sin – Stephanie Benson

57-year-old Ghanaian songstress Stephanie Benson has said that masturbation is such a beautiful thing so it shouldn’t be tagged as a taboo.

In an Instagram video, she revealed that it’s necessary for women to explore their bodies and get to know themselves.

Stephanie Benson said: “I mean, I still do it at my age. It is like when my ‘stupid’ husband is sleeping and I am horny, you know… (gestures) and then I sort of get to know my body. Sometimes, I am sure when I am not there – I travel a lot – and he is in the shower, he probably does it, too. I’d rather he did it in there than to put it in another woman,” she stated.

“Masturbation is a beautiful thing”, Stephanie Benson said, wondering: “Why do we make it such a taboo?”

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“… I need you to understand that masturbating is not a big deal. I think all of those things are really important for a woman to explore. It is our body. This is ours. Unless we know about it, how do we let someone understand what our bodies like, how it feels, how to touch it. Touching yourself is like everything, I think. It is really important to just explore”.

Watch the video below:

Source : ghanaweb.com

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