Meek Mill has always been one of the most intriguing, and sometimes baffling Twitter user in the rap game. There have been numerous where Meek Mill tweets have left fans scratching their heads, wondering why a man of his age is tweeting the things he does.

However, around two months ago, on Nov. 11, Meek took a hiatus from social media due to the toxicity he had been seeing apps like Twitter. He explained, in two separate tweets, how hard it can be seeing the stuff he sees on social media regularly: “About to take a break from social media … I see too much crazy shit! Being a young kid gotta be confusing as shit in these times of social media….. I be lost seeing some of this stuff.”

After returning to Twitter over a month later on Christmas, Meek went back his regular routine on the app. Meek has never had a filter on Twitter, and sometimes that can lead to him being sincere and open about his life.

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On Saturday (Jan. 8), Meek tweeted about how weed has been downing his mood recently, and how prefers to be sober most of the time: “I smoke weed everyday and get depressed and soon as I get high …, I be happy as hell sober lol it just helps me think deeper and more realistic lol.”

Fans lefts suggestions under the tweet about other strains he should try or how he should “smoke to think” instead of smoking “to feel.” Either way, it’s nice to Meek recognizing and adapting to things that negatively affect his mental health.