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Meek Mill Wants To Join Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase

Meek Mill Wants To Join Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase 1


Meek Mill is one of many in the rap game who have fallen into the NFT hype. Meek also uses social media to push “alt-coins,” which are cryptocurrencies that typically only have value because influential people say they do. Given his portfolio of essentially worthless investments and the fact that he pushes them on unsuspecting fans, it’s no surprise that he wants to join Elon Musk in his effort to buy Twitter.

Meek took to social media today to ask Elon Musk if he could invest in Twitter with him. It is a ridiculous request considering that Twitter is a publicly traded company and anyone with a bank account and some money has been able to do so since 2013. Great minds think alike, as Elon Musk is also huge on the cryptocurrency pump-and-dump scene.

Elon Musk has been gathering investors to offset his own personal cost during the purchase of Twitter. Several groups and individuals recently committed over $7 billion in capital investments to Musk’s venture. Meek Mill could easily join those groups if he is interested in being a part of a private Twitter ownership team.

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Meek Mill might be the perfect person to team up with Elon. Musk, like Meek, has used Twitter to profit from his influence. The Tesla boss has been accused of using the service to artificially inflate the value of shares in his company for years.

Time will tell if Meek Mill figures out that he can buy stock in Twitter any time he wants. As someone who is scamming the public with worthless digital collectables, it may be out of his ability to conceptualize such a thing. Elon Musk would gladly take his money, though.


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