Megan Thee Stallion has had quite the breakout year and every accomplishment is well deserved. Between every studio session, photoshoot, red carpet event or festival performance Megan’s been hitting the books since she’s a student at Texas Southern University. The “Cash Shit” rapper is studying Health Administration with a goal to open an assisted living facility.

John Parra/Getty Images

“Just watching [my grandmother] take care of my [great-grandmother] made me want to create a facility for people who are older to go and have somebody help them with their end-of-life care,” Megan previously told Vulture.

Megan has recently opened up about a small struggle that’s come with now being a household name and having to facilitate her celebrity life while still being a student. “I got a 6 page research paper due tonight and a mf photoshoot today… let’s see how this turns out,” she wrote on Twitter. 

A fan jokingly responded, poking fun at Megan stressing out over just six pages. “Lol damn I wish I was perfect like you,” she replied.

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“I try not to make me being a rapper a huge deal,” Megan once told Rolling Stone of her student life. “Just like I’m missing class sometimes because I have to do a show, somebody [else] missed a class because they don’t want to be there. They can’t treat either one of us no different. I just try to get all my work done and turned in as soon as I can.”