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Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-Friend’s Diss Song Used As Evidence In Tory Lanez Shooting Trial



Megan Thee Stallion's Ex-Friend's Diss Song Used As Evidence In Tory Lanez Shooting Trial 3

A diss track made by Megan Thee Stallion’s former assistant and ex-friend Kelsey Harris has been filed as evidence in the Houston rapper’s ongoing criminal trial against Tory Lanez.

Per Variety, the diss track, which dropped in 2020 shortly after the L.A. County D.A.’s Office charged Tory Lanez with shooting Meg in the feet, was brought up during cross-examination of senior DA investigator Jody Little on Monday (December 19).

Little was questioned by Lanez’s attorney George Mgdesyan, who referred to specific lyrics in the track, which is titled “Bussin Back.” One of the lyrics mentioned was: “Who shot ya? ‘Cause you know it wasn’t me / I was 10 toes down whenever you had beef.”

Lanez’s legal counsel asked Little if certain lyrics in the track may imply that Meg lied to the district attorney, such as: “Imagine lying to the DA saying I took some hush money.” Harris was reportedly not in attendance at Monday’s session, but Lanez was.

The bombshell comes after Kelsey Harris recanted multiple statements involving the alleged shooting of her former friend during her turn on the witness stand.

Harris vividly recounted witnessing Tory Lanez shoot Megan in July 2020 in an interview with prosecutors in September, but walked back many of those details and claims in her testimony last week.


Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta asked Harris to describe the night in question for the jury, but Harris didn’t say much and admitted “some of those things I stated, they were not accurate.”

At one point, Ta reminded Harris that while she has been granted immunity from her testimony being used against her at a later date, she could still be charged with perjury. Harris adamantly denied being the shooter, but admitted certain events were “blurry” because of her alcohol intake that night.

When pressured about a text message Harris sent notifying Megan Thee Stallion’s security that “Tory shot Meg,” she informed the D.A. that the message was based on pure assumption. She denied seeing Megan limping, but admitted that she heard gunshots that night.

Harris added that while Lanez did offer her money after the incident, she never “felt intimidated in any way” by the Toronto rapper and that she never considered it to be a bribe.

Shortly after Harris’ second day of testimony, a tweet went viral outlining her ties to Carl Crawford’s 1501 Certified Entertainment, with whom Megan has been embroiled in a vicious legal battle.

“I think it’s important to note and could further explain Kelsey’s reluctance and bad memory on the stand…,” speculated Twitter user @KirkWrites79. “Kelsey’s husband works for 1501, with Carl and J. Prince and is currently Erica Banks‘ manager. The very same label that has been at legal odds with Meg.”


The account shared a separate video that showed Crawford and J. Prince, Jr. partying with Tory Lanez. The clip was initially posted to the official 1501 Certified Instagram account on April 18.

“Here’s the reason why Kelsey is throwing this trial..,” another Twitter user speculated. “She’s currently engaged and mothering the child of a 1501 Label Certified Executive….YES the same Label that is actively in a lawsuit against Megan Thee Stallion…. Sad how they’re trying to sabotage This woman’s career.”

The trial is expected to last until at least the end of this week. If convicted, Tory Lanez faces up to 22 years and eight months behind bars, as well as subsequent deportation to Canada.